Monday, September 04, 2006

A waste of time

Last night one of Robbie's friends told him he wouldn't be able to come to soccer practice on Monday nights anymore, because he only comes home from school at 5pm and then has to do homework. Commented Robbie to me, "What a waste of time." (My feelings exactly).

Okay, so this full school day is only once a week, but the rest of the week, he has four hours of homework after finishing school at around 2pm (it takes him at least half an hour to get home from school.) And he's only 12. He's going to have to do this for the next 6 years and it will just get worse. Compare this with one homeschooler I know who, on four hours of academic work a day, has now started doing online courses through Stanford University and will be have completed the first two years of university by the age of 17.


I bought this game at the shop of the Universum science center and Robbie and I played it for the first time today. It's a really fun game, based on Uno, but with the added attraction (esp. for homeschooling parents) that one learns about chemistry at the same time. Robbie and I both had great fun.