Saturday, February 17, 2007

My diagnosis of the German education authorities

Inspired by the impressive performance of Dr S., who was able, after being with Melissa Busekros for only one hour, to deliver a really earth-shattering diagnosis, I have decided to collectively diagnose all those who are culpable in this and other atrocities against home educators in Germany.

Here is my diagnosis:



Home education is legally possible in just about every democratic country. The few countries where it is still banned because of outmoded laws are either moving towards legalising it, have ways around the law or just ignore it and allow the majority of homeschoolers to live in peace. However in Germany, home education is not just outlawed, but the outlaws are pursued with all the fervour of the Sheriff of Nottingham going after Robin Hood.

Among those involved in conducting this campaign against home educators are education officials, welfare services, the police, politicians and judges. They have, on many occasions, worked together to force children to go to school, impose ruinous fines on their parents, jail the parents, remove their children from their care, lock the children away in psychiatric institutions and even label the parents as needing psychiatric measures.

Psychopathological Findings

These various officials seem to believe that children can only be properly integrated into society if they attend school. They think that school teaches not only knowledge but also social conduct.
Daily contact with other students from all walks of life promotes tolerance, encourages dialogue
among people of different beliefs and cultures, and helps students to become responsible citizens. According to these people, compulsory schooling prevents the rise of parallel societies. Although these officials, as well as many other Germans, are accepting of home education when is practised outside their borders or by celebrities who pay enormous taxes to the state in which they are resident, they maintain that home education of normal children in Germany endangers the child's welfare and is subversive.

1. Clinical psychiatric syndromes:

This group of people is collectively afflicted by a variety of disorders. In summary, the current clinical-psychiatric finding shows that they have an emotional disturbance which is connected to a massive homeschool phobia and a strong narcissistic personality disorder. I see signs of autistic tendencies, demonstrated by their inability to relate to what is happening in the rest of the world. There is also evidence of schizophrenia, with this group of people accepting homeschooling in some circumstances but not in others, with a strong collective delusionality being present.These are all signs of a syndrome called affective homeschool aversion, which has just been discovered and named by me.

2. Outlined developmental disturbances of human-rights related talents:
Not tested - so far the European court of Human Rights has not ruled on a German homeschooling case, refusing to take on the only case which has so far come in front of them.

3. Results of intelligence:
Since its dismal performance in the 2003 Pisa study , Germany's school system has been shown to be severely lacking.

4. Physical symptoms:
Convulsions and palpitations when the possibility of home education being legalised in Germany is mentioned by the media.

5. Current abnormal psychosocial circumstances:
From the late middle ages it became increasingly popular in Germany to label people, particularly women, who in any way deviated from the mainstream as witches, leading to inhuman torture being used against these people. Although a homeschooler is no longer likely to be forced to wear an mask with spikes on the inside, the fear instilled by these measures has lasted down the generations in the collective German consciousness.

6. Global judgment of psychosocial adjustment:
Serious and universal social impairment in the area of adjustment to changing global conditions and interest in educational alternatives, lack of foresight and the inability to cope with free thinkers.

II. Position

We were unable to confront these people with the situation in Germany because they just ignored us. On the grounds of their massive homeschool-refusal, the emotional disturbance and the unsatisfactory willingness to cooperate on the part of the authorities, a relocation to a suitable homeschooling family overseas for the period of one year is urgently required in order to avoid endangerment to the development of their personalities.

Through intensive support and rehabilitation measures (no large groups and no intensive school exposure), it could be possible for these people to start accepting homeschooling within these parameters. A favorable development is possible. The education authorities and their accomplices were examined by us. They suffer an educational developmental disturbance (they are at least 20 years behind the USA and Great Britain, 10 years behind South Africa, 3 years behind the Czech Republic and are even being overtaken by Romania, which was formerly one of the most restrictive of the communist countries), a massive homeschool phobia and an oppositional denial-syndrome.

With friendly greetings, (Sorry, I just can't continue the long-winded style of the original diagnosis).

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