Thursday, March 30, 2006

Comments from the underground

When the very real possibility exists that homeschooling can lead to me or my dh being chucked into jail (as has just happened to a homeschooling father in nearby Hamburg) or at least having to go to court, the issue of what to tell others can be a little awkward. Basically we follow a don't ask don't tell policy. We don't want our children to lie, but I have suggested they say something like, "We have the day off", if a stranger asks why they're out during school hours. Sometimes it's just not worth bringing up the issue of homeschooling.

As I previously mentioned, my son, Robbie, plays Yugioh cards. Once or twice a week he plays at a group which meets in the back of a gaming store. When I was picking him up there one day, one of the other boys heard us speaking English to each other. "Wow, " he commented to Robbie, "You must get really good grades in English at school!". "You could say that", replied Robbie laconically. Actually I wish he had blown their minds by saying that he doesn't go to school and doesn't have any grades, but I had to admire his slick response.

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Carlotta said...

Seriously good response by Ds, I'd say. What a shame you're so far away...ours is always on for a game.