Thursday, March 30, 2006


If you want your kid to find out how the laws of supply and demand affect market price and availability of products, then I suggest you encourage him or her to start playing one of the more popular collectable card games.

Our son, Robbie, has been playing Yugioh cards for a while now and this evening, while I was tidying up after supper, he hung out with me and treated me to a lecture on economics. Actually, he was going on about how people will not trade the more popular and difficult to obtain cards, which means that they go for really high prices on the internet (I just checked this and discovered Cyber Dragon, which is currently the most popular card, according to Robbie, going for €24,50 on Ebay Germany.)

Wow, maybe this Yugioh thing is not such a waste of time as most parents seem to think. At least it has led to our son having a better understanding of economics than most French university students.


Carlotta said...

Ours definitely learned a huge amount playing this. Dealing with huge numbers and realising that mother couldn't actually read the fine print on the cards, if nothing else!

scatty said...

Lol! When I do get to play against him then I'm always having to stop and check what the fine print says, because I can never remember the darn effects. He and the other kids he plays with have got all this totally down pat - it's almost as though they're communicating with each other by telepathy, they know the cards so well. I wonder how many of these gaming geniuses, who remember all this stuff so easily and can work through complicated strategies, are doing poorly in school because they're bored and uninterested. I'd love to ask them, but Robbie would die of embarrassment if I did.

deji said...

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