Sunday, April 23, 2006

Good night, sleep tight

It's 10:45pm and I just had to sneak a blog before bed. At about 9:30pm Rowena decided that she wanted to work out the times tables and so there I was writing them out (leaving a space for her to write the answers. Yawn - it was really too much for my brain. Half an hour ago, I was ready to tell her to stop doing the times tables and go to bed (I had visions of her doing it with a flashlight under the covers) but right then she decided to go to bed herself.

Her comment, "This is really fun, Mommy". As far as I remember, Robbie didn't think so back in our eclectic homeschooling days when I used to drill him in the times tables. He got into it as well tonight, reeling them off and correcting Rowena (which my tired brain was very grateful for). He said, "I still remember the tables even though I haven't practised them for ages!" ( forgetting about our playing the fizz bang game on car journeys).

We have had a friend of Robbie and Rowena's staying with us for the last week. At the beginning of the week Robbie and Daniel (our visitor) each bought the same gameboy game, Pokemon Fire Red. According to Robbie, who has played nearly all the Gameboy Pokemon games, this one is the best he has ever played. They have both been pretty immersed in the game for the last week with the interest slowly wearing off in the last couple of days (no hours says Robbie). Now he is busy reading the third in William Nicholson's Wind on Fire Trilogy (called Firesong). They are really fantastic, gripping stories but I must admit I had a hard time understanding them. Well that gives me a reason to read them again.

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