Sunday, April 02, 2006

Two days, two tournaments, two different worlds

Yesterday I helped out at a figureskating tournament that my daughter was participating in. It was full of little girls in sequinned, sparkly dresses (with the odd boy here and there). Today I dropped off my son at the Yugioh state championships and helped him get registered. It was full of geeky youths in dark clothes (not a sequin or sparkle in sight) with the odd girl thrown in.

I suppose I should be flattered that someone mistook me for a participant. At least I didn't have to spend the whole day today standing around freezing my ass off selling coffee, cake and bockwurst.


Carlotta said...

Sorry...can't stop plaguing your comments...but so many unschooler with a boy and a girl...and the resulting contortions. Have managed to find kick boxing for both of them, (somewhat surprisingly), but all else is one way and then the other!

scatty said...

Lol, Carlotta. Yes I did have a sort of vague hope that my son would be interested in figure skating himself (there are so few boys that they are pretty much assured of a place on the podium)but he wouldn't be seen dead doing something like that. I'm glad that he doesn't want to do ice hockey at this stage either. I couldn't stand the thought of spending double the time at that freezing ice rink or trying to keep my little ones entertained for longer there.