Thursday, June 22, 2006

Didn't I say it?

A few weeks ago I stated that homeschoolers who argue along the lines of religious freedom in Germany are barking up the wrong tree.

A couple of days ago, the German Constitutional Court decided in a homeschooling case and I'm afraid the news isn't good for homeschoolers. They declared that, "freedom of religion doesn't give parents the right to keep their children away from school" and that no-one is entitled to protect their children from displays of different beliefs or or points of view.

I know that this is a case that goes back years and that once people have started arguing along one line of reasoning, they can't switch arguments and say, "Oh, actually, we're not doing this for religious reasons any more." I do hope that people start thinking about the way they approach the situation, especially the very well known US organisation (that I won't name, but I'm sure you all know whom I'm referring to) that supports and sponsors many of the religious homeschoolers here.

Of course, it goes without saying that this judgement has negative repercussions for all homeschoolers in Germany, even those of us secular types to whom it doesn't even refer. Yesterday my friend in Bremen received a letter from the education authorities in which this judgement was referred to, as if it now gives them more leverage against her family.


Lady Liberty said...

Thanks for the update.
My hubby saw that high court decision, but I have been able to find anything about it in English.
Do you know of any links?
Was it only religion or just how parents find fit to raise their children?

scatty said...

From what I have read in the German press it is just about the religion and the wanting to protect one's children from other (religious or secular)points of view. Maybe it's about time I get a Koran and a few Buddhist books to accompany the three bibles we already have in our otherwise secular bookshelves.