Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mission Impossible?

Last night, just as I should have been putting the little ones to bed, I got sidetracked. They were playing with lego and Leo wanted me to help him because he was having trouble finding some pieces. Our lego is stored in two rectangular bins and is frequently dumped out on the floor in the playroom. While I was searching for the pieces I realised that the smallest pieces always manage to end up at the bottom of the box. I had thought previously of sorting the lego and last night I tried out my idea. The next two hours were spent sifting through the boxes to find the small pieces and put them into little drawers, according to type - eg ones with only one connections (the really teeny tiny ones) together, the ones with two connections, pieces of people, etc etc. All the time I was saying to Leo, "Now you don't need to dump the lego out anymore, and you will put the pieces in the right place, won't you."

I think the lunatic asylum has a special straitjacket and padded room already reserved for me.


Rebecca said...

I did this with my sons' Playmobil men once. I even went so far as to buy little plastic drawers, one for the hats, one for the shields, one for the horses, etc. It was insane of me. Now they are all in one big bin and the kids don't seem to mind a bit.

scatty said...

It's more than a week now since I started this system and I'm still sane. (At least I think so - my family might have a different opinion.) I'm finding that it works ok for me when I'm tidying up the lego to chuck the little bits into one of the smaller drawers, even though the children don't stick to it (not that I expected them to).