Sunday, May 14, 2006

Promoting normal socialisation

I just read this post, about dealing with people who criticise homeschooling. Regarding the socialisation question, Meg says :
Public schools are an artificial environment forcing kids to socialize in ways that aren’t natural. It is much more natural to find a group of people that share common interests with you and hang out with them. Within that group, participants will vary in regards to both age and abilities. The older/more experienced people take over the leadership roles and model acceptable behaviors to the rest. Younger/beginners are usually encouraged because the leaders think that their activity has value and want to share. Being out of the normal synch (as in an older beginner) is not viewed as weird because of the group being such a mix.

Sounds just like the Yugioh gaming afternoon (or as my dh calls it, Geeks club) that Robbie goes to twice a week.


Lady Liberty said...

Thanks for the post. Give me some things to add to my arguement.

Meg L. said...

I'm very flattered to see you quote me.

My opinion comes from many different experiences, but one thing that stands out as an example is watching my son play Magic, The Gathering. (very similar to Yugioh)