Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Socialisation quote of the day

I really like this one. It is an affirmation of something I wrote in this post

From Sue Fairhead at Education Otherwise :

People, on the whole, are social creatures. Being sociable is part of our nature. If we allow children to develop in their own way, they will begin to relate to other people when they are ready. Clearly children do need to meet people in order to be sociable, but home educators don't tend to be isolated from the community! A child is just as likely - if not more so - to be sociable with one or two people he meets at home than with a class of 30 children who just happen to be the same age as he is. More importantly, he is far more in control of his social life than he would be in school. Parents - who know their children best - can observe, and encourage, and introduce a shy child to other people at relaxed times, in safe environments rather than forcing them into situations where they may become withdrawn, or angry, or upset.


ipodmomma said...

hi! I'm an American living in the UK, and have homeschooled my three for the past 8 years...

just found your blog by hopping, and just had to drop you a line... :)))

hope all is well... enjoy your day!

Mammal_Mama said...

I'm an American living in the midwestern United States. My husband and I unschool our two beautiful daughters -- ages six years and fourteen months. My oldest is very extraverted, but also likes having a lot of freedom to pursue her own ideas and do projects on her own. She's happiest when she just has one or two play-dates a week, and spends most of her time socializing with family.