Friday, May 26, 2006

Socialisation quote of the day

I have decided that every time I come across a good quote about homeschooling and socialisation I would save it so that I can have a collection of statements at hand to use in the event that I am talking to school officials, politicians, writing letters to editors or just debating with anti-homeschooling types. Then I thought that it would be fun to post these quotes on my blog so that others can also enjoy and use them. Maybe the title "Socialisation quote of the day" is a bit ambitious, implying that in a year's time I will have amassed 365 of them, but I'll give it a good bash.

So here is my first quote. It was in a comment by momofmine on this blog entry.

So how will my kids assimilate into a diverse society? Simple, they won't have to as they're already a part of it.

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